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Surf Camps in Lisbon have been on the rise lately, with all sorts of new and different offers popping up every year. It can become quite difficult at times to know which one to choose. In this brief article we want to give you some insight on what you need to know in order to be able to make the right choice

One of the main factors is location! Ask yourself: Do you want do you want to be closer to the city and have a more urban surf experience? The pros of being close to Lisbon centre or Cascais,  means you have pretty good public transportation to get around and you can enjoy year round night life.

If being in the city is not quite your thing and you would like to experience a bit of the real rural Portugal, then staying in the Sintra Cascais Nature Reserve Park might be exactly what you are looking for. Just 40 minutes away from Lisbon airport, towards the Atlantic West Coast, lies a protected area where huge constructions are not allowed to be built. It is home to the local “Saloio” Portuguese people, which have lived here for centuries. Humble farmers and fishermen that carry on doing what their ancestors have dome for generations

The beaches are still wild and unspoiled.

There are tons of outdoor activities to do like hiking, downhill mountain biking, climbing, visiting fairy-tale castles, ancient Roman sites, magical gardens and of course Surfing and Bodyboarding at stunning wild beaches.

Portugal is a place where you really feel all four seasons, Sintra is very green all year-round and you can enjoy different seasonal fruits and vegetables every month of the year.

Come at Spring time and enjoy the blooming flowers and the first hot days to sunbathe on empty beaches.

In Summer time it doesn’t get dark until 9.30 pm so you can enjoy super long days of surfing mostly glassy waves, and finish of the day with a classic late dinner by the beach.

In Autumn the summer weather often extends into November, the first big swells arrive and light up different surf spots on the Lisbon – Cascais side of the mountain.

Winter rarely gets under 10 degrees Celsius, the water temperature fluctuates between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius all year round, so this means you won’t need gloves or a hoodie. A good 4/3 wetsuit should keep you warm all year.

The bottom line is that you can get plenty of good waves all year round in the Lisbon area with plenty of activities to do and discover.

If you are a nature lover, like we are, we highly recommend you to come and stay with us at the very special Eco Surf Resort. We have two cottages at your disposal: The Eco Lodge and The Stone Cottage

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