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Welcome to Sintra Surf, a dedicated company combining travelling and Bodyboarding!

Hello everyone,

My name is Nicolas Rosner, I´m a professional bodyboarder and certified surfing coach with over 20 years of ocean experience. Myself and my team here at Sintra Surf School pride ourselves in offering a unique surfing experience.

We are Sintra’s only Surf & Bodyboard School!

Here at Sintra Surf we encourage you to try out both wave crafts and let YOU decide which one you enjoy the most.
Our staff are highly qualified surf/bodyboard coaches and lifeguards so you will be in the safest and most experienced hands at all times.

Our guests are guys and girls, young and old, varying from complete beginners to pros hunting cover shots and secret waves. If you have an interest in bodyboarding or surfing near Lisbon or simply enjoy trying something new then Sintra Surf is for you!! We can organize as much or as little of your trip as you want. We can arrange accommodation, transport, coaching, equipment, video coaching, photography, new boards….. you name it we can do it. Here at Sintra Surf we have our own private surf camp where you can stay in comfort and meet other like-minded people.

So if you are looking for the complete holiday and coaching package to fast track your surfing or bodyboarding, want to be guided to some of the most perfect waves in Europe, hang out with like minded individuals, or if you just fancy an introductory lesson feel free to contact us and get one step closer to finding your perfect wave on Portugal’s beautiful coastline.

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We are a fully licensed and accredited company