Surfing in Portugal during the Corona Pandemic

Many people ask us what is the situation like in Portugal and are there any restrictions when it comes to going to the beaches?

While I cannot give you an answer for all of Portugal, I can tell you the situation here in Sintra.

The Sintra council is divided into two areas: the Urban area where most of the population is located and the Sintra reserve nature park where Sintra Surf School is located.

Here the more popular beaches like praia grande will have their fair share of people visiting on the weekends but in general during the week the beaches are beautiful and fairly empty.

Between praia da adraga and Praia do Magoito there are plenty of little empty beaches which even in the peak of summer remain unspoiled.

When it comes to surfing we have been lucky enough to practice a sport that is considered to be an individual sport by the National health department and therefore safe to practise. So Surfing has been the one sport that has come back in full force and can be considered pandemic proof.

We believe there is nothing more refreshing and healthy than re-energizing in the clean Atlantic ocean waters.

All the restaurants and Bars in the area remain open until 22.30 pm, while masks are still mandatory to enter supermarkets and restaurants, this seems to be the only big change compared to previous years.

In general things feel very safe and normal at the moment and it seems like they will stay this way.

If you have any questions regarding your Portugal surf trip just write to u at or give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions.