Best Time to Surf in Portugal

When is the best time to surf in Portugal?

 This is a question many of you might be asking yourselves before you decide when and where to book your next surf holiday in Portugal.

So, let’s try and break it down for you.

Portugal is one of the most consistent countries on earth when it comes to waves. But consistency does not always mean perfect!

The West coast of Portugal picks up the most swell, which means the Winter months can be too big at times, so from mid-May up until the end of October, is usually your best bet to catch good waves and warm weather.

In the Summer months, the Centre and Northern parts of Portugal get most of the waves, in contrast to the South of Portugal, which often gets smaller waves.

The Winter Months (November to April) get plenty of big swells, which “Lighten Up” more sheltered spots that need big swells in order to get waves, especially around the Lisbon and Algarve Coastline. Big Wave spots like Nazaré, also come alive during these months, so keep your eyes open on the surf forecast and you might be lucky enough to see the world’s best Big Wave surfers towing into the gigantic waves at Praia do Norte.

Do not forget that the West coastline of Portugal can also produce amazing surf during the Winter months. It is just hard to predict exactly when.

Our advice is to check the surf forecast in advance and look out for small swells and light winds and book your flight without too much planning in advance. During off-peak tourist season, you can often find cheaper flights and accommodation options. And lastly but not least, off peak season provides great waves with very little crowds.

Take note: Checking surf forecasts can be a tricky thing if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Just keep in touch with our team at Sintra Surf and we will help you stay up to date. Also, a class on checking the surf and weather forecast properly, is a must for any aspiring surfer.

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